February 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

    Few years back when I was doing PGDCA, I learnt a great lesson on first day. C++ teacher asked a question for testing IQ levels of students. He drawn a line on white board and told us to make that line small without touching it.  Many students tried before me, but I gave the solution. I drew a bigger line parallel to existing line. So naturally the other line became small.

     Here I realised that if we want to grow bigger than others, We have scale fast and grow bigger than others. I always follow this rule in my life. But when I see around I find most of the people are trying cut or rub out the lines of others, so that they become big. These people are always busy in criticising others rather than acknowledging the achievements of others and studying them.

      I think we should always try to develop and enhance our qualities to become big. I think introspection and good reading materials can definitely help us in this direction. So don’t wait, start shaping your personality.


Mahindraa P Tribhuwan


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