Negative X Negative = Postive?

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment


            Everyone talks about positive people, things etc. and I fully agrees that one should have a positive approach in every aspect of  life. But I think there also need to think about negatives also. In maths, there is a rule of multiplication (X). If we multiply two negative values than resultant will be a positive value. Does this rule applies to real life too? We need to check it out.

           What will happen when two negative persons comes in contact of each other. If they become friends then math’s addition rule  will apply and resultant will be more negative. But if they becomes foes then naturally, both will try to find out negative things of each other and will criticise it. This criticism could lead to improvements also. One must work on criticism and try to overcome the situation. Ultimately both will improve if the criticizing competition have right direction.

            If we have such persons around then we must start analyzing their criticism and try to improve rather than getting annoyed.  But if the person trying to spread misleading things then appropriate action is necessary else others will analyse it wrongly way. One good way is not to give any points for criticism and if anyone got points for criticism then I think we can overcome by above solution.


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